The Business Case for Outsourcing Sales Coaching: Why it’s Powerful!

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As a sales coach and recruiter, I have had the opportunity to work with some exceptional sales leaders across several different verticals from software sales to manufacturing. Over the past several years, senior level executives have shared some common themes that we are all aware of: customers have changed the way they buy and competition is fierce. As a result new selling strategies have emerged.

No one hit the point harder than Rick Page whose book, Hope is Not a Strategy, makes the point that everyone in the organization is in sales: the CEO, the CFO, the marketing executives, and even the product development team all have shared responsibility in the organization’s go-to-market strategy. To that end, it’s extremely important that organizations become more effective at creating a sales-sensitive culture and methodology that is embraced by everyone from the top of the organization to the bottom. Everyone needs to use the same syntax in client engagement. Everybody sells.

The challenge of building and sustaining a world-class sales organization

The success or failure of any organization depends heavily on sales leaders and managers. In the new world order,he success or failure of any organization depends heavily on sales leaders and managers. In the new world order, having a sales centric sales organization and executing a solid sales across the entire organization requires dedication from the CEO to the sales leaders. Yet, do sales leaders have the time to retool on the latest and greatest sales approaches across departments? Does the training-and-development team have the luxury of focusing solely on the best practices of the top producers in the country? The research suggests it doesn’t.

Sales leaders are already charged with a host of traditional priorities, including understanding their products and services, client-facing engagements, developing go-to-market strategies and funnel management. How and when are they supposed to then research, learn, and launch new strategies, not to mention measuring the results of their efforts?

This is where sales coaches come in!

Effective Sales Coaching for Sustainable Success

Effective coaching from experienced and trained coaches can make a formidable difference to organizations: research shows that individuals who receive coaching from trained sales/performance coaches achieve on average 102% of goal compared to their colleagues; employees who receive only in-house coaching from untrained management personnel or others without professional training achieve only achieve 83% of goal.  Why? Because the best coaches bring an individualized approach that incorporates the most advanced sales methodologies with techniques and strategies that support courageous, creative and confident sales leaders. The personal and professional transformation that coaching inspires can be remarkable. Moreover, the change can happen quickly. Coaches cut to the core quickly and surely, with long-lasting and life-changing results.

Are you ready to raise your sales organizations to new heights and bust the company’s revenue quota?

Or maybe you’re and individual sales person, hungry enough to play your bigger game and achieve new personal bests?

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