Social Selling for B2B Sales Reps, Enterprise Sales Meetup!

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It’s not often one comes across a powerful social selling guru who is generous enough to take time from their business schedule to come to a Meetup group for 3 hours! Yet, that’s exactly what Brynne Tillman did. Because, being social is Brynne’s business.  And she leads by example; she walks her talk!

With her warmth, competent, and humorous presence, she engaged us and provided practical and relevant social selling strategies for B2B sales reps.  A truly gifted speaker, Brynne laid out a simple, yet effective process. She challenged everyone in the room to communicate with more intention when using social media to engage potential clients.  She encourages people to provide information/content that resonates with their target buying persona as a means to add value before advancing to a more formal sales meeting.  While many folks believe they’re doing this, Brynne asks us to examine our Linkedin profile. If it reads like a resume with a focus on you and your accomplishments, you’re missing an opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership.  She encourages us to use the Linkedin profile to resonate with your target audience’s business problems.  Simple, yet a powerful change!

Here a just a few things Brynne reviewed with our Meetup group:

  • How to optimize your online presence from the buyers perspective
  • How to use LinkedIn to prospect and sell socially (people think that are doing this correctly, but she demonstrated where they miss the mark)
  • How to win new business with great content ( there were a ton of ah ha moments in the room on this point!)
  • How to sell social selling to the executive team

In a world of over crowded messaging and distractions, it’s important to put your content out there for the buyers’ perspective. Brynne not only showed us the what; she provided the how.

How can you get your hands on the information we learned last night?

Check out her book! LinkedIn & Social Selling for Business Development

Brynne, if you read this, thank so much for the gift of your knowledge.  You’re a  wonderful example of an exceptional woman in leadership. I’m grateful to have met you. And we are all a bit more energized as a result of your insights!

Have a great weekend!