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Leadership Placement International has taken a new direction! We have moved from executive search, to a Leadership and Sales Coaching firm.

working with Donna, was a fantastic experience, I can say she was my client, however, I was really a client of hers:)… Donna Valente is inspirational, humorous, and moves the room upon entering it.

Karise Allen - Visual Communicator

Donna brings unmatched passion and professionalism to career coaching/mentoring. I have yet to see anyone exceed her work ethic. Donna takes action and is relentless on getting results. She has the unique ability to see people’s strengths and push you beyond your limits. I highly recommend working with Donna if you are looking to take your career to the next level!

John P. McLaughlin - Regional Sales Manager

Life Coaches to me were like unicorns lol…like, do they really exist? … Well they most certainly do and I was referred to a GREAT one. I’m not here to sell you… I’m sharing in hopes this may find someone who may have some struggles *be it career or of justlife* as I was; and she, Donna Valente, provided guidance and tools to sort through the problems with a clearer mind, grace and actual results.

Ursula Spencer - Personal Fashion Stylist · Wardrobe Consultant

Donna is the master of career coaching. Her ability to hone in on strengths is keen and she challenges one to deliberately oust any perceived weaknesses. Working with Donna has offered the accountability I needed to set the future of my career in motion with measurable, tangible results.

Kathleen Long - Director, Web Services - University of South Florida

“Donna, I think it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who said “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. I really appreciated your feedback. You make great points and shared some wonderful insight on things I should develop clarity around. It is clear to me that you are very good at what you do in getting folks to think thru what they want professionally and connecting them to the end goal.”

Sean - Regional Sales Manager

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