OH SHIFT! The Video Interview. 3 Easy Tips for Doing it Right.

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I published this blog over a year ago. A few of my clients are in the job search and came face to screen with the dreaded video interview when filling out an online application. WOWZA! They weren’t ready when Free People Clothing cued them up for video responses! NOPE! My client was in her tee shirt and had her hair pulled up with a pencil. She hit the EXIT button and left the process. I thought, maybe it would be helpful to re-post the tips for video screening. So, here it is below!

In today’s competitive job search environment, your business value must be communicated with clarity and confidence in both your career documents and in the video interview. Soon, it will be the standard for organizations to use software for video interviewing and in the online application process to pre-screen potential candidates. Why? Saves them time and money!
It allows recruiters to see your communication skills and how well you perform under pressure. On demand, recruiters can share your video with the hiring committees and critique your performance and credentials to determine if you’re worthy of further consideration. If you’re not prepared to wow them, you will be at a tremendous disadvantage in the job search.

Here’s How Video Interviewing Works
When applying for positions, the HR department or the online application process will invite candidates to submit a video or a video cover letter. Or, the candidate will be asked to respond to questions via video. The applicant will log into the system and will be asked several questions. They will have 30 to 60 seconds to get ready and 2 minutes to respond. Once the candidate submits the video responses, it goes to the hiring team for review to assess if the candidate meets the initial key recruiting metrics.

The video recording can be challenging for the candidate because they can’t get a “read” or the psychical “cues” to determine if their answers are resonating with the interviewer. Video interviewing is going to be a big adjustment for people in the job search. Especially, if they are applying for multiple positions!

Are You Prepared For This Stage?
Talk about stage fright! If you’re like most of us, you’re camera shy. If you’re filling out online applications in your pajamas, you surely will exit the video application process. Will you ever return to that process? Or will you feel intimidated because you’re not feeling prepared? You can’t just wing it!

Video interviewing fosters a new level of performance anxiety into an already stressful process. The video vs. phone/ face-to-face interview has a very different dynamic. The best practices on effective interview strategies are based on phone/face-to-face. For example, the face-to-face interview allows a well-prepared candidate to read body language and re-direct questions or get clarification from the interviewer.

Not so with the one-way video interview. You’re at your computer, asked to respond, and then it’s Lights! Camera! Action! You MUST rehearse and be well versed, or you will get cut off in the middle of your response.

Top Tips For Video Cover Letters and Interviews

1. Overcome Self-Doubt and Fear
Everyone gets stage fright! Overcoming that fear is accomplished through practice. Try to have fun with adjusting to talking about your business assets to yourself and via one or two-way webcam. You also have to practice getting relaxed. Mindfulness and breathing exercises are a great tool to get relaxed. Prior to and while you’re rehearsing, do some breathing exercises to get you back into the moment, centered, and focused. Incorporate mindfulness techniques prior to applying for positions online too!

 2. Be Prepared Like an Actor! But Please Be Authentic!
Know why you’re powerful to an organization and be prepared to say it. Prepare a script of your value statements. Rehearse so that your authenticity comes through. Good storytelling demonstrates your ability to communicate. Make sure you connect your accomplishments to results and the position requirements. Make your story compelling enough to motivate the recruiter to advance you in the process.

3. Hire a Professional Coach
Getting your personal presences polished up brings on a new level of complexity. You would be best served hiring a coach to help strengthen your delivery and communication skills. You will get the appropriate feedback to help control nervousness, sound confident, and competent!

Here’s How I Help
I offer mock interview packages that enable you to track your progress. The videotaped mock interviews help you get comfortable and PREPARED for responding to interview questions on video. We will critique your performance in areas of content and your visual performance.

You will get session feedback by someone who knows what she’s talking about — A Certified Co-Active Coach and a corporate recruiter with over a decade of experience in leadership and career coaching field.

Get prepared! Contact me to get ready for your big début!

Don’t leave your success to chance.