OH SHIFT! The Career Transition

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If you’re an ambitious professional, it’s probably only a matter of time before you’re faced with a career transition. Despite all outward appearances — you earn a respectable salary for the time you’ve put in, you’re recognized for your work, you even like your job — inwardly, you feel like there are things left undone. You hit with the realization that you can’t remain on the same path you’re on, or you’ll keep going where you’re going. And that’s not where you want to be.

Finally, the truth is unavoidable:

 OH SHIFT! The Career Transition

You’ve arrived at the point where you realize your current career trajectory isn’t leading you down the right path, even if you’re not completely sure what that path is. All you know is that you need to jump the track, find a new direction, and make a shift.

Sure,’ you think. ‘A career transition seems great ‘.

But reality tells a different story; a story that overwhelms you with a million questions, none more prominent than:

Where do I even begin?

As a recruiter who has placed numerous professionals into all kinds of positions, I can honestly say that every career situation is unique. Your story is absolutely your own.

Yet despite the individual differences I have found there is one underlying principle that applies to all career-transitioning professionals: the equation of personal-professional alignment.

Picture it as a three-step formula:

  1. Define your vision of personal success
  2. Define your vision of professional success.
  3. Compare and determine where those two visions are in alignment. Find out where they are in alignment, where they are not and what needs to change in order to better align them.

In other words: the more your personal values and goals agree and are in balance with your professional values and goals, the better the chance you will have at making a successful career change that brings you the external parameters you seek and the deepest possible internal sense of relevance and fulfillment. And why not go for that, after all?

Let me just talk about fulfillment for a minute, because it will be the single most important aspect to working through all the next steps on your road toward the Big Shift, including naming your strengths and ultimately documenting your career history.

Inner fulfillment results from a deeply held sense that you are living your values. That you are putting into practice the core beliefs that make you feel sufficiently productive, sufficiently relevant and appropriately recognized for your worth.

Moreover, I truly believe – and know from years of experience with this work – that it is only when you absolutely know and trust what brings you the most fulfillment that you can best tell your story in a way that potential employers get you, because you will get yourself. And because you get yourself, you’ll be able to sell yourself and your business value.

Bottom line: If you don’t start with the basics of personal and professional congruence, nothing else will hold together: not your work history or your dreams, and not your resume, your cover letter or the rest of the documentation you’re about to submit to yet one more job opportunity.

The earth-shaking Oh Shift! Moment presents a powerful opportunity for you to take a deep breath, be patient and take the time to reflect on your past, your present and your future.


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