Sales Edge Coaching

Sales & Leadership Coaching That Drives Results

Over the past few years, Leadership Placement transformed the retained search business to become a sales effectiveness and leadership coaching firm, Sales Edge Coaching.  The success or failure of any organization depends heavily on sales leaders and managers.  Social media and networks have changed buyers’ behavior. With that, sales strategies have changed. Yet, sales managers are not sales coaches.  Sales managers don’t have time to retool on the latest sales methodologies and study buyers and sellers behaviors and how to best coach a client.  Sales Coaches do!

At Sales Edge, we’ve developed workshops and course in both Sales Enablement and Sales Effectiveness that combines the most current and relevant practices of sales and the coaching methods that focus on the whole person.

We provide opportunities for participants to recognize and reflect on the impacts of their limiting beliefs in any sales or high stakes situation and devise a personalized plan of recovery and resilience. We foster the kind of supportive coaching and learning environment that enhances confidence. As a result participants develop sustainable, inspirational communication and presentation skills that lead to improved long-term sales success.  They leave us as courageous high-performers!

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Training Background

Donna earned her degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is a certified Co-Active leadership coach by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the most rigorous and respected programs in the industry. Donna is a consummate student who is fiercely dedicated to life-long learning. She is a voracious reader of leadership books and research, organizational change, and executive coaching. Donna is  walking the talk!

Retained Sales Recruiting

When it comes to recruiting sales leaders and sales representatives,  I understand your business!  Here’s why!  Prior to starting Leadership Placement, I was a professional enterprise sales representative. I has almost two decades of sales leadership experience working for start-p and high-growth companies who became world-class sales organizations and market leaders in the technology space. I wear my sales badge with great pride!  And I know how to hire sales talent.

I’ve developed an interview process that ensures candidates significantly contribute to the corporate culture through exceptional leadership and innovation.

I guarantee a pricing model that is disruptive and won’t break the budget! Contact me to learn more about our recruitment services.