Kudos for coaching & consultation

So working with Donna, was a fantastic experience, I can say she was my client, however, I was really a client of hers:)… Donna Valente is inspirational, humorous, and moves the room upon entering it. If you want progression, she has the capability to inspire you to be greater. If you are ready to see life shifting results in your career, she can be your sound mind, to help you understand the value of blocking and that it is ok to turn off your phone, and focus on being excellent. She is a leader and I am really happy to have had the opportunity to learn great techniques from her. Donna = Results!!!!

July 2014 - Karise Allen - Visual Communicator

Taking the step to hire a life style/career development coach was a great and inexpensive investment in myself. I’m a single mom and I’ve been in the same career for 30 years. While I love my profession and my clients, I was starting to feel under-utilized. Having mastered my craft, I had this feeling that there was something bigger for me; something more I wanted to contribute to the world. I’d have brainstorms and business concepts that came up, but I’d get stuck taking my ideas from the abstract concept into concrete planning.

Then, one day, one of my clients referred me to Donna Valente. With her experience and intuition, Donna was able to help me uncover/identify issues that were holding me back from picking a path and taking action. Within 6 weeks, Donna provided me with a process that allowed me to adjust my perspectives and eliminate the obstacles that were preventing me from seizing the day.

As a result of working with Donna, I feel more empowered and confident about the choices I made and those I need to make to execute on my passions. She’s an amazing coach and confidante.

Treat yourself to empowerment!

February, 2014 - Maria Finizo - Stylist and Colorist

Donna brings unmatched passion and professionalism to career coaching/mentoring. I have yet to see anyone exceed her work ethic. Donna takes action and is relentless on getting results. She has the unique ability to see people's strengths and push you beyond your limits. I highly recommend working with Donna if you are looking to take your career to the next level!

December 2014 - John P. McLaughlin - Regional Sales Manager Campus Management

Hey Dolls and Gents,

Being fashionable and having the nicest digs to make the streets your runway is one way to feel good about yourself, but what about the rest...Last year I was dealing with some MAJOR Corporate America politics affecting my performance, mind, body and soul. In situations like that we typically think we can "just deal" or resolve the issues on our own; rarely seeking a professional for assistance.

Well it became so overwhelming that I finally decided to get a Life Coach. Now truth be told I'm one of the biggest skeptics you'll come across ... Life Coaches to me were like unicorns, do they really exist? ... Well they most certainly do and I was referred to a GREAT one.

I'm not here to sell you... I'm sharing in hopes this may find someone who may have some struggles *be it career or of justlife* as I was; and she, Donna Valente, provided guidance and tools to sort through the problems with a clearer mind, grace and actual results.

She's the Italian Olivia Pope *lol* (for you Scandal fanatics), except we can actually afford her.

February, 2012 - Ursula Spencer - Personal Fashion Stylist · Wardrobe Consultant

I have enjoyed a 17 year career at the University of Pennsylvania, both at Wharton MBA Admissions and the University's Office of Alumni Relations. In my roles at Penn, I gained a wide range of experiences that provided me with a blueprint to work within a large bureaucratic environment. I learned the value of cultivating strong working relationships across many dimensions of the organization and beyond, enhancing and fine-tuning my project management, budget, and planning skills. But I was ready to embark on a new career path.

As I began thinking about how to approach a transition, I found it challenging to make transference of my experience to the new opportunities I wanted to explore. That is when I decided to work with Donna in her 3-session boot camp. Hiring Donna has proven to be a valuable professional decision. Donna provided me with a structured process to help me gain clarity about my professional objectives and to build a plan to get there. It was a very empowering experience to have a coach and ally to help me achieve my next level of success. Donna is an exceptional coach and I highly recommend her services.

March 25, 2012 - Carol Tunstall - Consultant at The Wharton School, MBA Admissions

Donna is the master of career coaching. Her ability to hone in on strengths is keen and she challenges one to deliberately oust any perceived weaknesses. Working with Donna has offered the accountability I needed to set the future of my career in motion with measurable, tangible results.

January 17, 2011 - Kathleen Long - Director, Web Services at University of South Florida

“Donna's talents as a Career & Life Coach are really unmatched. I was not prepared for all that she brings to the table - not in an overwhelming way - she gets right to the core of what may be blocking oneself from achieving their passions or goals. On a particular career situation I approached Donna to help me sort through the typical challenges of Corporate America; seeking the best solution to resolve a problem. With professionalism, expertise and patience, Donna not only encouraged me to step out on my own knowledge, but with confidence and fortitude. In following her guidance, I not only resolved the issue but gained additional respect from upper management in how I handled it.

I HIGHLY recommend Donna Valente and wished LinkedIn allowed us to select all attributes - she has them all plus more. THANK YOU DONNA! Couldn't be more happier to have you as an on-going resource.

October 9, 2012 - Ursula Spencer - Personal Fashion Stylist · Wardrobe Consultant

Donna's energy and enthusiasm is infectious! She possesses a deep knowledge base, and is a true professional. Her greatest attribute in sales is her approach; she is a potential partner, not a sales person, and potential clients sense the same, which builds trust, and facilitates open / productive communication. The nucleus of sales, and business development.

May, 2010 - Cory Reid - CEO Instructure

Working with Donna was a great experience and an excellent investment of my time. Through coaching, she helped me identify my professional strengths, and she made sure I could tell a compelling story about myself. She reviewed my resume to make sure it highlighted the areas employers needed to see and helped me prepare for interviews. I felt my background and experience made me a good candidate going into things, but she really honed my job search/interview skills and made me a stronger candidate. Hands down, I would not have been as well prepared without the practice I received from Donna. What really sets Donna apart though is her personality. As you might expect, she is very supportive, but she is also refreshingly frank. She cut right to the chase to tell me what I needed to do. Her sense of humor was also always welcome in what could have otherwise been a stressful process. In this economy, we are all looking for the best returns on our investments, and that is why I am glad I worked with Donna. She helped me get the job I wanted.

June 26, 2009 - Alexis Allen - Account Management Professional

I have worked with Donna at Leadership Placement and I find her experience and professionalism to be excellent. She is a no nonsense communicator and you can count on her for a high degree of work ethic and results. I would highly recommend her career coaching in addition to the placement services she provides.

Hank Bowman - Executive Vice President, Sales

A funny thing happened on the way to retirement.. After decades as CEO of my own business, I found myself caught in the downdraft of a tough economy and back in the job market. A colleague of mine had a great experience with Donna Valente of Leadership Placement International and since I was facing the challenge of not knowing exactly how to get started with my transition, I decided to give her a call. Donna was an absolute delight to work with as we started a process of clarifying my goals, a resume review, leadership skills assessment, and crystallization of my value proposition. Together we put me solidly on a path of career management. I'm grateful for her help, and I recommend her services to anyone seeking career coaching or placement.

March 12, 2009 - Gerson Rosenbloom - President and Sales Management

Donna, I think it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who said "When the student is ready, the teacher appears". I really appreciated your feedback. You make great points and shared some wonderful insight on things I should develop clarity around. It is clear to me that you are very good at what you do in getting folks to think thru what they want professionally and connecting them to the end goal.

Sean - Regional Sales Manager

“Donna was instrumental in helping me update my resume and marketing myself. She helped me transform an “Old School” approach into a much more sophisticated and current presentation. Donna helped me recognize and highlight all of the value that I offer, and she coached me to present this in a clear and concise manner. This was a great experience and well worth the time.”

July 23, 2009 - Ken Balazs - Business Development, Director
Kudos for recruitment

Donna worked with Moodlerooms providing search services. Not only has she found us great candidates but she was well above our expectations in terms of turn around time and affordability. Donna is trustworthy, reliable and consistent and has excellent follow through. That level of integrity makes her a trusted partner that we would recommend to anyone that is looking for an "A++ player.

July 14, 2010 - Joe McAvoy - VP of Sales Moolderooms

Our recruiting experience with LPI was outstanding. The preparation and attention to detail that was put into learning our corporate culture was impressive. Donna understands what's required and expected of the candidates to be successful from an employer's perspective. LPI presents our company properly and professionally. I would highly recommend their services to any organization.

March 17, 2009 - Allen Wang - President and CEO

Donna has provided services to our firm. She has a thorough understanding of our market and, as a result, has been able to provide high quality prospects for us to interview. Her attention to detail and follow-up provides for an effective use of both prospect and employer time.

July 6, 2008 - Jose Cabrera Marketing - Vice President