Social Selling & The 7 Stages of Developing KPI’s for Enterprise Sales Teams

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Hey Folks,

If you manage an enterprise sales team, you’re invited! I’m hosting and facilitating this workshop:

Social Selling & The 7 Stages of Developing KPIs for Successful Enterprise Sales Teams, with Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link. It’s value packed and complimentary!

Join us for this dynamic workshop with a leading social selling marketer and expert.  With a case based approach, Brynne will share effective strategies for how organizations are successfully leveraging Social Media KPI’s to understand and measure sales teams social media efforts. We are limiting the workshop to just 12 participants to ensure you get the maximum value.

In order for today’s sales executives to optimize sales performance, we must go beyond the typical sales strategy and selling activities. Today, with buyer behaviors changing and the focus on social selling, sales leaders are struggling to accurately measure their sales team’s performance throughout the stages of the sales process.

During this workshop you will learn what to measure and how to  improve your sales team’s performance. Brynne will share these 7 stages in more detail:

  • Start with your goals and working backwards
  • Identify what has worked and hasn’t’ worked before (mini SWOT)
  • Get Reps involved early on – have them help determine the KPIs they will be measured and compensated on
  • Create SMART Goals results goal activities
  • Motivate through gamification and contests around specific KPIs
  • Measure outcomes and manage for improvement
  • Have a accountability partnership with a sales coach outside of management for safe haven to strategize

Date: March 30th, 2016

Time: 3:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.

Place: American Executive Centers
1515 Market Street, Suite 1200
Philadelphia PA 19102


You can either register at this link: Click me

Or send me an email to register.

We are intentionally limiting this to 12 people.  Make sure you don’t overbook yourself at this time slot. The content is worth the commitment!

You must be a manager of manager of an enterprise sales team to attend.

About Brynne

Brynne Tillman is a successful sales professional, sales trainer and coach spanning over 3 decades who has unlocked the power of LinkedIn for sales and business development professionals. Over the last 7 years, Brynne has been teaching Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development, has authored a comprehensive workbook and guide, LinkedIn for Business Development and is now is taking the class globally.


About Donna Valente

I’m a sales coach and business strategist whose passion and strengths lie in helping organizations improve their sales team’s improve in areas of personal presence, communication in the sales process with the ultimate goal of improving sales performance and organizational effectiveness. I partner with my clients to develop the best strategies specific to their company and effectively manage their sales processes, including improving engagement with internal teams. 

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